Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Even when we try to do the right thing, it doesn’t work out for us.

Sometimes you just get the feeling that something isn't going to turn out the way you thought it would. We thought we would try and reduce our carbon footprint and collectively do what we could to help our ailing planet. Jill Y has started to buy locally grown products and the Brazilian coffee they sell in Ireland is especially good. Sugartastic Daddy John has stopped sending out letters telling people they've won $36, 000, 000 in the lottery and now only sends out emails telling people they've won $36, 000, 000 in the lottery. Thirsty Dave has been drinking alcohol made from organic ingredients. The only problem is that he’s also drinking everything else that comes his way, organic or not. I arranged to meet Scurvy Jane for lunch. A new store opened close to her house and they were advertising usb drives with less plastic packaging so I asked her to pick some up for me along the way. Maybe I’m missing something but does this look anything like 'less plastic packaging' to you?:

Bill Y


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