Thursday, March 3, 2011

I can’t get no sleep

Stress effects people different people in different ways. I used to think I was immune to it but the more people who like Bon Jovi, the more I don’t understand why people like Bon Jovi. It’s got to the stage where I sometimes find it hard to sleep. All those thoughts running around my empty head have nowhere to go and I end up overanalyzing the lyrics of songs such as the mind expanding words from Blaze of Glory:

“Raise your hands from New Jersey to Tokyo”

Are Bon Jovi referring to someone with very big hands? I know my hands can’t be raised from New York to Tokyo because my hands wouldn’t fit all the way from New York to Tokyo. Maybe Bon Jovi are asking someone with very big hands to raise their hands from New York to Tokyo? And if this is the case, if someone’s hands can stretch from New York to Tokyo, how big is the rest of this person and what watch shop would they go to to buy a watch that would fit?

Luckily I’ve found something to relieve the stress. In the reign of the Ming dynasty in China, in a province called Baoding, there originated a therapy called Baoding Balls. Instead of attempting to explain what it’s about, have a look at the following moving images and allow the stress to disappear like the wicked witch of the west in The Wizard of Oz after being doused with water:

Bill Y


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