Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New stuff and old stuff

Hey happy people, before we get into the post, I just want to say thank you for your help with chosing a new address for the site. After a lot of soul searching and despite the fact that Evil Bill Y wanted to go with we’ve decided to go with (you can see it in your browser address bar right now!) Thanks so much for leaving comments and sending emails.

Okay, before any of you smart mockers out there decide to say words about this, let me stress that I know I said there would be no more Flight of the Conchords clips but this one is better than all the rest put together. As far as we’re concerned, these guys are right up there with Fr. Ted for their originality. The song is called Carol Brown/Girlfriends from the past. Enjoy. Bill Y

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Day of the audition

It’s a rare occasion, when I’m stuck for words and video cameras were invented for such occasions. When it does happen, there’s usually a damn good reason for it. Years ago I was a Supervisor with Theatre Company. It was interesting work even though the hours could be a bit weird. One day, the boss asked me to bring one of the younger members to an audition for a film in the city centre. When I’m asked to do something I don’t want to do, I tend to mumble under my breath like a massively confused Gollum with a dozen rings. I was handed the address as I mumbled away. We travelled by bus and the traffic was as slow as a snail chasing a tortoise. No sooner had we got off the bus, when the rain began pelting down. I had to ask for a lot of directions and we eventually arrived at our destination, drenched deep to the bone and in foul mood. The venue was a hotel and I asked the lady behind the desk, where the main function room was. She looked massively confused at the question and I felt I had to let her know we were there for the audition. Again, she looked like we were speaking a yet to be discovered langauge. She told me there were no auditions in the hotel, that she knew of so she picked up the phone and called a colleague. It didn’t take long for her to finish the call and confirm that there were definitely no auditions. I checked the address which was correct and called my boss. Within seconds he was laughing hysterically and asked me ‘What day is it?”. I told him it was Friday and he repeated himself, ‘What day is it?”. I told him I had no idea what he was talking about and he said ‘What date is it?”. It began to dawn on me as I answered his question, “It’s April 1st”. It was of course April Fools Day or more to the point, Bill Y Fools Day. At first, I found it hard to see the funny side but slowly the man began to command my total respect. He had told the 14yr old guy I was with, that he had an audition for a film. This man was fast becoming a hero to me. It turned out that my boss was mates with the young guys dad and he had arranged it all the week before. I spent the following year working with the guy and attempted to wind him up on numerous occasions but never got close to repaying the favour but I learned so much from him. I learned to mock and not to be afraid to wind people up. Bill Y

Monday, September 28, 2009

My selective hearing, pregnant friend

A heavily pregnant friend of mine is very focussed on pregnancy at the moment and all it entails. Recently I was telling her that she just has to see Spinal Tap which is the funniest film ever. I explained very briefly what the film was about. The short conversation went something like this:

“You’ll love it, it’s a spoof documentary (a mockumentary, if you will)  of a fictional heavy metal band called Spinal Tap.”

I somehow got the impression that she wasn’t quite listening to me. Rather than hear my description of Spinal Tap, I think she actually heard something like this:

“This world is not very nice to kids. Everywhere they look, they’re surrounded by and immediately want, sweets and toys – the holy grail! To prey on the kids needs like this is just so wrong. And when the parents say no, they are the bad people. Then there are so many electrical sockets in every house. How the bejaysus can we expect a kid not to stick their fingers into a socket. The socket may as well have a picture of Santa, trying to entice them to put their hand in and grab free toys and sweets. Is this not cruelty? A nice garden is thought of as a necessity to bring up a kid. Gardens have walls or trees or swings and stuff, all which are can be climbed. Kids marvel at grown ups and want to be right up there with them in the grown up world so they try and climb anything that is put in their path. Then we tell them to get down and not to climb! Again, not cool. In the years that follow, they can look forward to adolescence and the realisation that working life sucks. What have I got myself into”.

I’m glad I’m not a pregnant girl! Bill Y

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Elvis for Dummies

I like the way some books have words in them and am a fan of those for Dummies books. You can get them in many flavours from, Body Langauge for Dummies to Building Self-Confidence for Dummies – honestly! The local library has a large collection of these books and throughout the years, they’ve helped me out on a number of occasions. They also have a good website though it reminds me of The Golden Pages website. To continue my point, I found myself in the local library looking at at these books when I came across a title I wasn’t expecting – Elvis for Dummies. It began:

“The ultimate introduction to the life and works of the King. Want to understand Elvis Presley?”

Often I will find something funny, yet when I explain it to somebody else, they can’t see anything funny in it at all. This is one of those occasions. I went up to one of the librarians who has been working there for a long time and asked if she thought Elvis for Dummies was in any way a strange title. I should explain that this lady ticks all the boxes for the classic cliched Librarian – thick glasses, mousy hair, cardigan and a smile which must of left the last time the Titanic did. I’m not saying I don’t find this a turn on but that’s not what we’re talking about right now. Suffice to say, she found nothing funny or unusual about the title of the book. The fact that she chose not to use any words and instead looked at me with foul disgust shouldn’t of turned me on, but it did. I decided not to take the book for the following reasons:

To understand Elvis Presley, would it not be better to listen to some of his music or watch some of his films? How about eating one of the many burgers he adored or drinking a massive amount of the alcohol he consumed? Sure, the book could explain how many songs he released or how many  films he made but listening to or watching his work has to be better than reading about it? Please tell me, I make even a little bit of sense? If not, I’m going to pass on those free Christy Moore tickets and just read the review of the concert, next day. Bill Y

Saturday, September 26, 2009

This is not a tosser

I’ve just heard ‘This is not a love song’ by PiL on the radio. In 1993 John Lydon (aka Johnny Rotten from his Sex Pistols days) and PiL were accused of leaving their punk roots behind and embracing a more commercial sound. That year, they released ‘This is not a love song’, which was interpreted by many as an answer to those who accused the band of selling out. The song reached number 5 in the UK singles chart and in an ironic twist, was their biggest commercial hit. So, in the spirit of ‘This is Not a love song’, we will Not be mocking John Lydon even though these days, he does reality shows and cable tv ads. We will Not be mocking him because we think the man manipulates like a whip in the hands of Indiana Jones. Although our natural instinct is to mock, this man must be applauded because he is is a creative genius. Mr.Lydon, you have our respect. Bill Y

Friday, September 25, 2009

Did you arrive here by accident or what is a plan?

If you’re looking for statistical data analysis, you’ve come to the wrong place. If you’re looking for advances in biometrics, you’ve come to the wrong place. If  you’re looking for either of the above, a question arises:

What the hell are you doing here?

This is not a statistical data analysis or a biometrics site and if you ended up here, thinking it was, you got massively lost somewhere along the way. The way I see it, you have two choices:

1) Use the back button on your browser and pretend this never happened.
2) Have a look around and see if anything takes your fancy.

If you choose option 2, you may end up having a laugh and that is precisely what It’s good to mock is all about. There’s much too much seriousness in this world and any distraction from it is surely a positive thing. If you found your way here by accident, maybe it wasn’t an accident at all. Maybe, it was meant to happen and maybe you’ll bookmark the site and visit again for some more of the same. You can also try and count the amount of times Jodie Foster is mentioned. Bill Y

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bye de bye Bill Shatner - Ex Legend

Well friends, nothing lasts for ever and it had to happen sooner or later. Here at It's good to mock, we're massive fans of the legend we know as Bill Shatner and it is with regret that we post the last Shatner clip ever. Why the bejaysus, why? I hear you scream. Though Shatner Friday has become a weekly treat around these parts, we've come to the conclusion that The Shat is now more interested in doing TV adverts than anything credible and it's a sad moment we find ourselves in. Ironically, the clip below is one of those very Ads. Let his name not be mentioned again. Bill Y

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I just couldn't read the signs

It was an accident waiting to happen and I should of known better. When the world hates you, you gotta be on your toes. Thinking back, all the signs were there. The email ‘Don’t go into work today’ from ‘Unknown’. The writing on the back of my hand ‘Don’t go into work today’. The text message which read ‘Don’t go into work today’. It was almost as if someone was trying to tell me something but I’m a creature who doesn’t take hints so I showered, put on trousers, shirt and tie and left the house to head to work. I met the postman who handed me a letter with ‘If delivered, don’t go into work today’. I was beginning to see a pattern of sorts as I headed to work.
                                                    As I reached the office, I was immediately struck by the lack of cars in the car park. Usually, the car park is full quite early in the morning but as I counted the amount of cars there, I realised that there were in fact No cars there. There was also a lack of people or more to the point No people. Alarm bells went off in my head followed by these questions:
  • Where are the cars?
  • Where are those who usually put petrol in and drive those cars?
  • Where was the security guard?
  • Are these my hands?
Slowly, the jigsaw pieces began to lock together as I saw the light at the end of the non existent tunnel ahead of me. It all began to make sense as I mocked myself for the mass confusion I was going through. It was a bank holiday and I worked for a bank. There was No work today! I was on the lash the night before and knew this would happen so I sent myself an email, wrote on the back of my hand and sent myself a text  – all to remind me not to go into work. A sense of relief came over me but I never did figure out who the bejaysus sent that letter! Bill Y

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Evil Bill Y v mild mannered, quiet, introverted, subtle Bill Y

Have you ever woken up in foul mood? I don’t mean slightly bad humour because you have to go to work and the sun is sticking two fingers up at you. I’m talking about the type of mood where you’re so miserably full of hatred for the world that Morrissey seems like the patron saint of happiness. I ask this question because I don’t really wake up in bad form. I need to know what it’s like, in case I decide to carry out my threat to start a new blog with the massively cool name of The plan here would be to have a demented sister blog to It’s Good to Mock which would have an evil streak running through its veins. It could be healthy to have evil Bill Y working on an evil sister blog. We could even write guest posts on each others blogs. Sarcastic, cynical, relaxed, mockable, stupid and brilliant Bill Y could sometimes write for the evil site and Evil Bill Y could write for this site. Who knows where the creativity might take us. The more I think of it, the more I like the idea. So, if you do notice anything evil on this site in the near future, remember it may be Evil Bill Y and not the mild mannered, quiet, introverted, subtle Bill Y you’ve come to love. You have been warned. Signed: Bill Y (not Evil)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Why can’t I find anything wrong with me?

I’ve been reading some so called self help books which are designed to give you a better understanding and insight into yourself. I’m not sure if this stuff works for you but if I’m to believe what I read, then I’m either the most together person to listen 70’s funk music (believe me when I say this is so not the case) or I shouldn’t be allowed to walk the same earth that Jodie Foster and other men walk. The book tells me to grab a pen and write my 6 best qualities, as headings across the page. I have about 600 best qualities and find it very hard to limit it to 6 but I give it a go. Under each heading I was instructed to write things that I don’t like about myself. This was impossible as I like everything about myself so I wrote lyrics which Fatboy Slim brought to the masses in his "The Rockafeller Skank" track. Now I’m not sure about you, but I didn’t learn a lot about myself except that I’m sarcastic, cynical, relaxed, mockable, stupid and brilliant. These are all things I knew before I decided to do the exercise. I also knew the words of "The Rockafeller Skank". So much for so called self help books. Have a scope and you’ll see what I mean. Bill Y


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Measuring the cool

How do you know if you're cool?

Some people wear certain clothes which make them believe they’re cool. Clothes people, I mock you. Some listen to certain bands which they believe make them cool. Bands people, I mock you.There are some who think hanging out with a certain group of people, make them cool. To the group who hang out with the group to be cool, I mock you. Some people spend every second of every day, trying to be cool. These people are perhaps the least cool of all and I mock you. As far as I can tell, there are two types of cool people. The first isn’t cool at all but manufactured by massively expensive marketing and PR. Pop stars, Actors, Footballers, etc fall into this category. I think the real cool people are those who are relaxed enough about themselves, that they don’t give a damn what others think about them. Relaxed people, I salute you. I also salute the people who read this for you too are cool. If I was like that runner Caster Semenya, who has the man bits and woman bits, I would gladly have your children. Actually, I should probably rephrase that. As a man, I already have the man bits, I just don’t have the woman bits. Bill Y

Friday, September 18, 2009

Anyone looking for a personality?

Times are hard and I've been trying to come up with extra ways of making some moneys. I don't have a wealth of wealth but I think I've found something which I can rent out. I have this personality which people tend to call quirky or off the wall. I reckon this is my most prized possession and am thinking of renting it out to the highest bidder. I know some people who would definitely benefit from it, if only for a short time. I suppose I’m going to need to advertise but it’s kind of hard to know where to start advertising the rental of your personality. I was thinking of getting some buisness cards printed with the title Overactive personality for hire but not for sale. I think I’ll need it back so I’ll only be renting and not selling. Then I’ll need to describe it. I was thinking I could say it contains a massive amount of Adrenalin. Hopefully this will attract some customers. One of the the main problems I have is showcasing the goods. I was thinking I could invite potential customers to come and have a beer with me and watch the personality do its thing. Alternatively, I could head into the city centre and invite passers-by to shout abuse at me. The personality has it’s own way of dealing with stressful situations and this might also be a good way to advertise it. The biggest obstacle to overcome is delivering the personality to the customer. As of yet, I haven’t quite figured out how to do this as it’s very much a part of me at the moment. If you have any advice, please leave a comment as I need to make some extra moneys as soon as possible. Cheers. Bill Y

Thursday, September 17, 2009

What the bejaysus is Shatner Thursday?

Fact 1 – It’s Thursday and there’s no such thing as Shatner Thursday.
Fact 2 – Tomorrow is Friday which means Shatner Friday.

It’s time to break with tradition and turn your world upside own. Today we’re going to have Shatner Thursday! I do not apologise for this and not only do I not apologise for it, I reserve the right to shake things up again at a moments notice. I could explain in detail why this is happening but don’t think I should. My job is to provide you with original content on a daily basis. I take this job seriously and will continue to do so, to the best of my ridiculously limited ability. If you can guess what’s around the corner, I won’t only change what’s around the corner, I will change where the corner is!

Take Bill Shatner, give him a classic Pulp song and you just know you’re going to end up with work of the highest standard. Witness Bill singing his version of ‘Common People’ and restore your faith in music. Enjoy. Bill Y

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Can't believe he's 2 months old already.

Time really does fly when you’re massively confused. I nearly didn’t remember, It’s good to mock is 2 months old today. People tell me that you shouldn’t send a two month old kid to play skool but I believe in nurturing his imagination and play skool is doing that fairly well. Like all kids, you have to watch him constantly. We were in a book shop at the weekend which has free internet access. I turned my back for one moment and he was on the internets mocking the other blogs. Although I do encourage and teach mocking, he does need to be supervised. If I was to allow him to mock other blogs on his own, all of a sudden he’ll be mocking websites. Before you know it, he’ll be mocking Servers and I just won’t stand for that. He’s going to grow up with the the morals and manners that I don’t have. Although I love him and wouldn’t change him for the world, he can be hard work. His mother isn’t around. By day she’s a Pig Farmer who’s more concerned with bringing home the bacon than bringing up a baby. By night, she has a web cam in her room and men pay to watch her on their puters. Anyway, it’s past his bed time and I need some quiet time to plan world domination. Feel free to wish him Happy Birthday. Enjoy. Bill Y

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sarcasm for me, you and all to understand.

I eat sarcasm for breakfast, dinner and the other mealtimes. To understand and truly appreciate the blog,I think we should all have a better understanding of what sarcasm is. Imagine how complete I felt when I found and watched 'Sarcasm for dummies'. Sometimes everything jut falls into place. Enjoy. Bill Y

Monday, September 14, 2009

Pass on the comments

After interviewing myself the other day,(see post 12/09/09) I learned a lot. I learned that I can be a pain in the ass. It must be hard listening to the nonsense that escapes from my mouth. Since I was little, I’ve been able to convince people that I know what I’m talking about.The truth is, I know very little at all. After interviewing myself, I reckon the next logical step is to comment on the blog, myself:

‘I used to like blogs until I came across ‘ Its good to mock’. Now I just like snakes and ladders.'
Bill Y

‘If I ever need to be more confused than a confused fuse, I log onto this blog and take my meds.Bill Y

‘That guy with the large head has has no eyes, mouth, ears or nose. He reminds me of me.' Bill Y

‘I like the way he uses letters to make words to make sentences to make no sense at all.’ Bill Y

‘Who the bejaysus comments on his own blog anyway?’ Bill Y

‘I asked the internet people if they could make it go away, they told me to start a pettition.’ Bill Y

‘It appears on my phone and makes me want to get a phone without the internet on it.’ Bill Y

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Introverted singers need not apply.

I have an idea of how the human brain works, nothing too technical but a basic understanding of it’s structure and what each part does. I cannot however find the part of the brain that convinces people who can’t sing, that they can sing. A number of years ago, a guitarist friend and I auditioned singers for a new band we were putting together. We met quite a few individual people. Some sounded like a cat had got their tongues and wrapped them around bagpipes been played by a wolf. Some weren’t too bad but there was one guy who walked into the room with more intent than Madonna in a Malawi orphanage. This guy strolled in as if he owned the room. Very few words came form his mouth as he put on a pair of headphones, closed his eyes and began to sing ‘Heaven knows I’m miserable now’ by The Smiths. I don’t think this guy whom we nicknamed Morrissey within seconds (original, I know) had a great understanding of how an audition actually worked. The plan was to pick up some instruments and see if we could gel with any of the singers. For this to have happened in any creative way, Morrissey would of had to remove his headphones and work with us as opposed to keeping them on and ignoring us. Suffice to say, we helped him leave soon after and began crying with laughter until we realised we were Irish and went for a beer. If only, we had thought of filming the whole thing and putting it on television, we could of made quite a lot of money just like a certain Mr. Cowell did!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Who the bejaysus interviews himself?

Allow me to take direct your attention to something which hasn’t happened yet but definitely will. When the blog goes global, I expect a lot of people are going to want to talk to me so I thought I would get some practice with answering interviewer questions by interviewing myself.

Interviewer me: Thanks for taking the time to chat with us Bill Y, I know you’re a busy man right now. What made you get into blogging in the first place?

Me: Well, there were 2 main reasons for starting It’s good to mock. There are so many thoughts running around in my head, I felt sorry for them. They had nowhere to go and were massively confused. While they wanted to come out to play,  there was nowhere for them to play. So I started the blog and they began to meet other thoughts that had derived from comments from my readers. Immediately they began to blossom and grow and I’m quite optimistic for their future. The second reason I started the blog was to become famous. I think it’s fair to say that it’s worked out fairly well in that respect?

Interviewer me: Some authors are known for spending agonising amounts of time on their posts. Do you spend a lot of time actually coming up with ideas or have you any specific routine you follow.

Me: I don’t have a routine but I carry a notebook and jot down words or phrases as they come to me. I find it therapeutic to watch an idea blossom into it’s own entity and command it’s own space in the blog post. Most of the time, the initial idea mutates so much by the time it’s published that you wouldn’t recognise it unless you were it’s mother or girlfriend.

Interviewer me: Since you left your day job to concentrate fully on the blog, there’s seems to have been a shift from video based posts to more written word posts. Can we expect this to continue?

Me: I’ve never followed any pattern and doubt if I ever will but I think having more time to put letters together and make then into words has had an effect on the posts lately.

Interviewer me: Is there anything you miss about the day job?

Me: I don’t miss the work though I do miss the people. Having said that, I remain in contact with my old work friends and they tend to keep me grounded which is no easy feat.

Interviewer me: Seriously, who the bejaysus interviews themselves? Was no-one else good enough?

Me: No

Interviewer Me: Since the early days, there’s always been a link between music and humour in your posts. Can you tell our readers a little about this?

Me: Sure I can. Music has always been my passion, both the playing and listening. It’s all about expression. When you’re playing in a band in full flow, your personality comes out and depending on the musicians around you, art can be created. Jazz musicians exist because they become bored playing conventional music. Humour is also an extension of personality. If I was to describe my sense of humour as a style of music, I would call it jazz because it became bored with conventional humour a long time ago.  Thank Krishna, there are some jazz lovers out there!

Interviewer me: Can I ask why you’ve just thrown that television out  the window?

Me: It’s part of my campaign to watch less television. I realised some time ago, that if you throw televisions out the window, you tend to spend less time watching them. It’s probably got to do having no television set in the room.

Interviewer me: If you were to start another blog, what would you blog about and what would you call it?

Me: If I stared a new blog, it would be about the effect that work has on personality and it would be called

Interviewer me: That’s quite an interesting idea?

Me: Well, I’ve been called quite a lot of things but as of yet I’ve never been called interesting. Thank you!

Interviewer me: You look look like you’re bored at the moment, are you?

Me: Yes I am, are we finished?

Interviewer me: Eh, yes we are. Thank you for your time.

Me: You’re welcome, close that door as you leave.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Shatner Friday and Rollins mocks The Shat

Hey everybody, Y is happy and so should you be 'cause it’s Shatner Friday. At It’s good to mock, we have so much respect for Bill Shatner that it can’t be measured unless you can count – in which case it can be measured. I’m not exactly sure how you would measure it but that’s not really important right now. What’s important right now is the clip you’re about to watch. Rather than show more of Bill Shatner doing his thing, we thought we’d show you Henry Rollins talking about recording with The Shat. It’s one of those funny ‘cause it’s true things. The song in question is called 'I can't get behind that' and it's very brilliant. If you don’t know who Henry Rollins is, check him out. He’s quite unique. Enjoy. Bill Y

Thursday, September 10, 2009

An open apology to those I bothered - then and now.

Words hate me but I love them. I know a lot of words but my problem is not knowing which words to use when I open my fat mouth and which ones not to use. There’s rarely a day goes by when I don’t have to take my foot out of my mouth. The foot spends so much time in the mouth theses days that it’s thinking about taking a mortgage out on it! It’s alright with people I know because they know there’s no malice involved. The problem arises with people I don’t know very well. It’s as if I wake up with the sole purpose in life to bother as many people as possible in the shortest possible time. So if I’ve bothered you today, yesterday or indeed any other day, I apologise. Believe me when I tell you, bothering you bothers me more than it bothers you. (can someone please run that by me 'cause I don't think I understand what I just said!)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mock and Roll

People who know stuff tell me it’s best to write about things you know. My problem is, I don’t know very much! I’d like to be able to share some words of wisdom with you, but I’m not very wise. When asked about my occupation, I usually answer ‘I’m not a failed musician although I do not currently make a living doing music stuff’. Today I ask for help. I think it’s time you gave something back to me for all the nonsense I’ve been throwing at you. In order to take this thing to next level, I need to buy an address for the blog which is easier to remember than the one in your address bar right now. Available addresses that I’m thinking about at the moment include:

I like the four of them equally but would value your opinion massively. Please let me know if you like any off them. If you have any ideas for a name yourself, you can log on to where you can see if the name is available and drop me a comment. Make me proud, you bunch of mockers. Thanks a mil. Bill Y


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

We don't do serious very often but.....

On It’s good to mock, we like to mock people. The world we live in is very mockable and more so are the people in it. Some people were put on this planet to be mocked. Bill Shatner and The Hoff are the two most obvious who come to mind and they are in a class of their own. Every once in a while, we come across a worthy cause and we highlight it and it makes us sleep a little easier. It’s rare that we come across someone who is more mockable than the above mentioned legends and also has a worthy cause to tell us about. So it was with mouth wide open in disbelief that we found Rolf Harris explaining about Canada’s Seal Cull, live on Richard and Judy. Without getting serious on you, this is one serious issue. Have a look, mock to your hearts content, enjoy and maybe have a little think about it too. Bill Y

Monday, September 7, 2009

Jodie Foster has a beard and man bits

Hey folks, apparently people who read blogs like reading lists so I thought I’d share a list of things that scare the bejaysus out of me:

  • Jodie Foster – I don’t have a problem with strong independent women but she’s such a strong independent woman that she has a beard and man bits.
  • Musicians who play really ordinary music – If you play in a covers or tribute band, you have to play what you have to play but if you play in an original band, please don’t play variations of ‘House of the Rising Sun’. Grow a pair like Jodie and express yourself.
  • Sitting with somebody chewing food with an open mouth – This one one makes me break out in a cold sweat of fear and pain. Food was made to be chewed with a closed mouth. No more words are needed.
  • Small Talk – I just can’t be bothered with it. Talk should be huge not small.
  • Women with Adams Apples – Take a bow Ms. Foster.
  • Not been able to listen to Talking Heads – This just doesn’t bare thinking about.
  • Twink – If you don’t come from Ireland and don’t know who Twink is, she’s an institution (or she should be in one) who stars in Pantomime.
  • My bank balance – Surely the bank has made a mistake!
  • Speaking to myself on the phone – I have this irrational fear of answering the phone and having myself on the other end. That would be one weird conversation.
  • Excel Spreadsheets – All that information neatly tucked away in it’s cell make me sick. Maybe some of the information wants to be run free in the wild. Open the zoo and let them out!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Happy Bill Y has something to say

Hey everybody, happy Bill Y is going away for a few moments but I’ll be back at the end of the post:

With the personality of a pig headed pig, she’s someone who’s never wrong (in her own head anyway) yet is always first to point out when she thinks someone else is. I tend to think of her when I think of diseases. If you ever have a daughter who turns out like her, you’d disown her and emigrate to another planet. Nobody’s perfect and I’m living proof of that but compared to her, I would be the patron saint of perfectness. It would be easy to print her name but that’s not the way I roll. Most people have at least one redeeming quality. If I find hers, I’ll let you know!

Hey everybody, happy Bill Y is back and the sun is shining on the house on the hill. I feel so much better after that!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

What's in a name?

Some names don’t suit people. With a name like William Thomas Albert Ledden, I could probably live in a 16th century castle, somewhere in England and expect to get away with it. I don’t. People call me Bill Y and I live in Dublin, Ireland with a sense of humour which regularly scares the bejaysus out of myself!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Shatner Friday - Raising the bar

This weeks Shatner Friday takes it to a whole new level folks. When I was younger and first saw David Lynch’s Twin Peaks, I thought I’d witnessed the most bizarre, freaky tv show ever. Yesterday, I came across Bill Shatner in a Star Trek clip which left me speechless (not an everyday occurrence!) Feast your eyes on this surreal feast and prepare to be confused beyond belief. Enjoy. Bill Y

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Left handed can openers are cheaper to manufacture that right handed ones.

Do you think the above statement is true or false? My initial thought would be that it’s false. Then I’d probably doubt myself and google it. Like so many people, I’ve become used to the internet answering or clarifying just about everything. If I ask a question in work, one of the girls always says ‘Why don’t you google it – you google everything else!’. She’s not wrong. A few minutes ago, I was bored so I googled 'google withdrawal symptoms’ and was surprised to find a word Discomgoogolation which is described as “feeling of distress or anxiety when unable to gain immediate information access.” It doesn’t stop there either. The company which hosts this blog is a Google company. I also like posting video clips from YouTube on the blog. Guess who owns YouTube? Exactly. There are quite a few other services that Google own but that's a story for another time. And before I forget, there's a Google book called How to do everything with google. Google Amazon and you'll find it!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Things that happen again

Repetition is constantly with us. When we’re young, we’re taught multiplication - 2 2s are 4, 2 4s are 8, etc. After a while we learn how multiplication works. That guy who sang ‘ I believe I can fly’ repeated himself so often that I thought I seen him landing at the airport! I was all ready to say something slightly amusing about history repeating itself but I got bored. Anyway, I just wanted to post the Shirley Bassey and the Propellerheads video ‘History Repeating’. Turn it up and watch how your feet automatically dance. Enjoy. Bill Y

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Last Flight

If I remember correctly, the last time I posted a Flight of the Conchord clip, I promised it would be the second last time I would do so. I guess that means this is the last clip but what a clip it is. It's called 'If you're into it'. Enjoy. Bill Y


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