Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Evil Bill Y v mild mannered, quiet, introverted, subtle Bill Y

Have you ever woken up in foul mood? I don’t mean slightly bad humour because you have to go to work and the sun is sticking two fingers up at you. I’m talking about the type of mood where you’re so miserably full of hatred for the world that Morrissey seems like the patron saint of happiness. I ask this question because I don’t really wake up in bad form. I need to know what it’s like, in case I decide to carry out my threat to start a new blog with the massively cool name of www.diebastarddie.com The plan here would be to have a demented sister blog to It’s Good to Mock which would have an evil streak running through its veins. It could be healthy to have evil Bill Y working on an evil sister blog. We could even write guest posts on each others blogs. Sarcastic, cynical, relaxed, mockable, stupid and brilliant Bill Y could sometimes write for the evil site and Evil Bill Y could write for this site. Who knows where the creativity might take us. The more I think of it, the more I like the idea. So, if you do notice anything evil on this site in the near future, remember it may be Evil Bill Y and not the mild mannered, quiet, introverted, subtle Bill Y you’ve come to love. You have been warned. Signed: Bill Y (not Evil)


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