Monday, September 14, 2009

Pass on the comments

After interviewing myself the other day,(see post 12/09/09) I learned a lot. I learned that I can be a pain in the ass. It must be hard listening to the nonsense that escapes from my mouth. Since I was little, I’ve been able to convince people that I know what I’m talking about.The truth is, I know very little at all. After interviewing myself, I reckon the next logical step is to comment on the blog, myself:

‘I used to like blogs until I came across ‘ Its good to mock’. Now I just like snakes and ladders.'
Bill Y

‘If I ever need to be more confused than a confused fuse, I log onto this blog and take my meds.Bill Y

‘That guy with the large head has has no eyes, mouth, ears or nose. He reminds me of me.' Bill Y

‘I like the way he uses letters to make words to make sentences to make no sense at all.’ Bill Y

‘Who the bejaysus comments on his own blog anyway?’ Bill Y

‘I asked the internet people if they could make it go away, they told me to start a pettition.’ Bill Y

‘It appears on my phone and makes me want to get a phone without the internet on it.’ Bill Y


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