Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I just couldn't read the signs

It was an accident waiting to happen and I should of known better. When the world hates you, you gotta be on your toes. Thinking back, all the signs were there. The email ‘Don’t go into work today’ from ‘Unknown’. The writing on the back of my hand ‘Don’t go into work today’. The text message which read ‘Don’t go into work today’. It was almost as if someone was trying to tell me something but I’m a creature who doesn’t take hints so I showered, put on trousers, shirt and tie and left the house to head to work. I met the postman who handed me a letter with ‘If delivered, don’t go into work today’. I was beginning to see a pattern of sorts as I headed to work.
                                                    As I reached the office, I was immediately struck by the lack of cars in the car park. Usually, the car park is full quite early in the morning but as I counted the amount of cars there, I realised that there were in fact No cars there. There was also a lack of people or more to the point No people. Alarm bells went off in my head followed by these questions:
  • Where are the cars?
  • Where are those who usually put petrol in and drive those cars?
  • Where was the security guard?
  • Are these my hands?
Slowly, the jigsaw pieces began to lock together as I saw the light at the end of the non existent tunnel ahead of me. It all began to make sense as I mocked myself for the mass confusion I was going through. It was a bank holiday and I worked for a bank. There was No work today! I was on the lash the night before and knew this would happen so I sent myself an email, wrote on the back of my hand and sent myself a text  – all to remind me not to go into work. A sense of relief came over me but I never did figure out who the bejaysus sent that letter! Bill Y


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