Saturday, September 12, 2009

Who the bejaysus interviews himself?

Allow me to take direct your attention to something which hasn’t happened yet but definitely will. When the blog goes global, I expect a lot of people are going to want to talk to me so I thought I would get some practice with answering interviewer questions by interviewing myself.

Interviewer me: Thanks for taking the time to chat with us Bill Y, I know you’re a busy man right now. What made you get into blogging in the first place?

Me: Well, there were 2 main reasons for starting It’s good to mock. There are so many thoughts running around in my head, I felt sorry for them. They had nowhere to go and were massively confused. While they wanted to come out to play,  there was nowhere for them to play. So I started the blog and they began to meet other thoughts that had derived from comments from my readers. Immediately they began to blossom and grow and I’m quite optimistic for their future. The second reason I started the blog was to become famous. I think it’s fair to say that it’s worked out fairly well in that respect?

Interviewer me: Some authors are known for spending agonising amounts of time on their posts. Do you spend a lot of time actually coming up with ideas or have you any specific routine you follow.

Me: I don’t have a routine but I carry a notebook and jot down words or phrases as they come to me. I find it therapeutic to watch an idea blossom into it’s own entity and command it’s own space in the blog post. Most of the time, the initial idea mutates so much by the time it’s published that you wouldn’t recognise it unless you were it’s mother or girlfriend.

Interviewer me: Since you left your day job to concentrate fully on the blog, there’s seems to have been a shift from video based posts to more written word posts. Can we expect this to continue?

Me: I’ve never followed any pattern and doubt if I ever will but I think having more time to put letters together and make then into words has had an effect on the posts lately.

Interviewer me: Is there anything you miss about the day job?

Me: I don’t miss the work though I do miss the people. Having said that, I remain in contact with my old work friends and they tend to keep me grounded which is no easy feat.

Interviewer me: Seriously, who the bejaysus interviews themselves? Was no-one else good enough?

Me: No

Interviewer Me: Since the early days, there’s always been a link between music and humour in your posts. Can you tell our readers a little about this?

Me: Sure I can. Music has always been my passion, both the playing and listening. It’s all about expression. When you’re playing in a band in full flow, your personality comes out and depending on the musicians around you, art can be created. Jazz musicians exist because they become bored playing conventional music. Humour is also an extension of personality. If I was to describe my sense of humour as a style of music, I would call it jazz because it became bored with conventional humour a long time ago.  Thank Krishna, there are some jazz lovers out there!

Interviewer me: Can I ask why you’ve just thrown that television out  the window?

Me: It’s part of my campaign to watch less television. I realised some time ago, that if you throw televisions out the window, you tend to spend less time watching them. It’s probably got to do having no television set in the room.

Interviewer me: If you were to start another blog, what would you blog about and what would you call it?

Me: If I stared a new blog, it would be about the effect that work has on personality and it would be called

Interviewer me: That’s quite an interesting idea?

Me: Well, I’ve been called quite a lot of things but as of yet I’ve never been called interesting. Thank you!

Interviewer me: You look look like you’re bored at the moment, are you?

Me: Yes I am, are we finished?

Interviewer me: Eh, yes we are. Thank you for your time.

Me: You’re welcome, close that door as you leave.


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