Sunday, September 13, 2009

Introverted singers need not apply.

I have an idea of how the human brain works, nothing too technical but a basic understanding of it’s structure and what each part does. I cannot however find the part of the brain that convinces people who can’t sing, that they can sing. A number of years ago, a guitarist friend and I auditioned singers for a new band we were putting together. We met quite a few individual people. Some sounded like a cat had got their tongues and wrapped them around bagpipes been played by a wolf. Some weren’t too bad but there was one guy who walked into the room with more intent than Madonna in a Malawi orphanage. This guy strolled in as if he owned the room. Very few words came form his mouth as he put on a pair of headphones, closed his eyes and began to sing ‘Heaven knows I’m miserable now’ by The Smiths. I don’t think this guy whom we nicknamed Morrissey within seconds (original, I know) had a great understanding of how an audition actually worked. The plan was to pick up some instruments and see if we could gel with any of the singers. For this to have happened in any creative way, Morrissey would of had to remove his headphones and work with us as opposed to keeping them on and ignoring us. Suffice to say, we helped him leave soon after and began crying with laughter until we realised we were Irish and went for a beer. If only, we had thought of filming the whole thing and putting it on television, we could of made quite a lot of money just like a certain Mr. Cowell did!


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