Monday, September 28, 2009

My selective hearing, pregnant friend

A heavily pregnant friend of mine is very focussed on pregnancy at the moment and all it entails. Recently I was telling her that she just has to see Spinal Tap which is the funniest film ever. I explained very briefly what the film was about. The short conversation went something like this:

“You’ll love it, it’s a spoof documentary (a mockumentary, if you will)  of a fictional heavy metal band called Spinal Tap.”

I somehow got the impression that she wasn’t quite listening to me. Rather than hear my description of Spinal Tap, I think she actually heard something like this:

“This world is not very nice to kids. Everywhere they look, they’re surrounded by and immediately want, sweets and toys – the holy grail! To prey on the kids needs like this is just so wrong. And when the parents say no, they are the bad people. Then there are so many electrical sockets in every house. How the bejaysus can we expect a kid not to stick their fingers into a socket. The socket may as well have a picture of Santa, trying to entice them to put their hand in and grab free toys and sweets. Is this not cruelty? A nice garden is thought of as a necessity to bring up a kid. Gardens have walls or trees or swings and stuff, all which are can be climbed. Kids marvel at grown ups and want to be right up there with them in the grown up world so they try and climb anything that is put in their path. Then we tell them to get down and not to climb! Again, not cool. In the years that follow, they can look forward to adolescence and the realisation that working life sucks. What have I got myself into”.

I’m glad I’m not a pregnant girl! Bill Y


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