Friday, September 18, 2009

Anyone looking for a personality?

Times are hard and I've been trying to come up with extra ways of making some moneys. I don't have a wealth of wealth but I think I've found something which I can rent out. I have this personality which people tend to call quirky or off the wall. I reckon this is my most prized possession and am thinking of renting it out to the highest bidder. I know some people who would definitely benefit from it, if only for a short time. I suppose I’m going to need to advertise but it’s kind of hard to know where to start advertising the rental of your personality. I was thinking of getting some buisness cards printed with the title Overactive personality for hire but not for sale. I think I’ll need it back so I’ll only be renting and not selling. Then I’ll need to describe it. I was thinking I could say it contains a massive amount of Adrenalin. Hopefully this will attract some customers. One of the the main problems I have is showcasing the goods. I was thinking I could invite potential customers to come and have a beer with me and watch the personality do its thing. Alternatively, I could head into the city centre and invite passers-by to shout abuse at me. The personality has it’s own way of dealing with stressful situations and this might also be a good way to advertise it. The biggest obstacle to overcome is delivering the personality to the customer. As of yet, I haven’t quite figured out how to do this as it’s very much a part of me at the moment. If you have any advice, please leave a comment as I need to make some extra moneys as soon as possible. Cheers. Bill Y


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