Thursday, September 17, 2009

What the bejaysus is Shatner Thursday?

Fact 1 – It’s Thursday and there’s no such thing as Shatner Thursday.
Fact 2 – Tomorrow is Friday which means Shatner Friday.

It’s time to break with tradition and turn your world upside own. Today we’re going to have Shatner Thursday! I do not apologise for this and not only do I not apologise for it, I reserve the right to shake things up again at a moments notice. I could explain in detail why this is happening but don’t think I should. My job is to provide you with original content on a daily basis. I take this job seriously and will continue to do so, to the best of my ridiculously limited ability. If you can guess what’s around the corner, I won’t only change what’s around the corner, I will change where the corner is!

Take Bill Shatner, give him a classic Pulp song and you just know you’re going to end up with work of the highest standard. Witness Bill singing his version of ‘Common People’ and restore your faith in music. Enjoy. Bill Y


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