Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mock and Roll

People who know stuff tell me it’s best to write about things you know. My problem is, I don’t know very much! I’d like to be able to share some words of wisdom with you, but I’m not very wise. When asked about my occupation, I usually answer ‘I’m not a failed musician although I do not currently make a living doing music stuff’. Today I ask for help. I think it’s time you gave something back to me for all the nonsense I’ve been throwing at you. In order to take this thing to next level, I need to buy an address for the blog which is easier to remember than the one in your address bar right now. Available addresses that I’m thinking about at the moment include:

I like the four of them equally but would value your opinion massively. Please let me know if you like any off them. If you have any ideas for a name yourself, you can log on to where you can see if the name is available and drop me a comment. Make me proud, you bunch of mockers. Thanks a mil. Bill Y



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