Thursday, May 5, 2011

When two worlds collide

Jill Y is a (mad) Scientist and as such, knows a lot about the single most mystifying thing in life – Math’s. Thirsty Dave is a man who likes beer and the more he consumes, the happier he becomes. For a long time now Jill Y has being doing her Scientist thing in her own little world of massively needy, nerdy, geeky colleagues. Meanwhile, Thirsty Dave has been drinking in every pub in the western world with anyone who will drink with him. His sole purpose in life is to figure out a way to drink more than one beer at a time and up to now, he hasn’t really been successful. Recently, Jill Y and Thirsty Dave’s worlds collided when she worked out a series of serious scientific calculations to enable the thirsty one to consume more than one beer at a time:



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