Sunday, May 15, 2011

That dreaded moment when the Student becomes the Master who sarcastically puts you in your place

There are defining moments in a father/son relationship – the first time you sit down to talk about the mechanics and good consequences of intercourse through reference to easily observed natural events, the first time he comes home and tells you why he hates Bon Jovi and the first time he figures out that believing in a god is akin to believing in Big Foot or indeed a big footed god. Little Dill Y is 5 now and we’ve visited the above scenarios when he was 3. Each afternoon, when he comes in from genius school, I set him riddles designed to test his cognitive skills. As a reward for solving these complex quizzes, we allow him to sleep. The plan was going according to plan until last night, I set him the following task:

You’re task today is to figure out how magnets work?

I was tired and mistakenly used ‘you’re’ rather than ‘your’. The clever little brat wasn’t long in letting me know of my mistake but I suppose he was creative about it so I shouldn’t really complain:



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