Friday, May 13, 2011

Sugartastic Daddy John is rarely in fowl humour

There’s just no talking to some people. Sugartastic Daddy John changes his mind more often than he changes his wives. The last time we checked, he was on wife no. 38 but that was last week and we’d be surprised if that number hasn’t increased by now. Last week, he was eating turkey when all of a sudden he decided he didn’t want turkey so he decided to bring it back to the shop for a refund. The only problem was that he had it half eaten. When the manager of the shop told him he couldn’t have a refund because he had cooked and half eaten the product, he asked for half a refund. Believe it or not, this didn’t work. Never one to accept defeat, he placed an ad in the shop window of the shop next door but I have my doubts about his chances:

23adfromcaptainvegie Bill-Y


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