Tuesday, May 10, 2011

1 horsepower = 745.699872 watts but I haven’t a clue what that actually means

I’ll just come clean and admit it – despite what you might think, I’m not great at everything. Sure, I’m great at most things but Math’s, how magnets work and fixing cars are just way over my head and I just knew that one day, this would come back to mock me. The word on the street was that one of Jill Y’s new colleagues was massively sarcastic with a deep hatred of Bon Jovi so I arranged to meet up with Ms. Y and her new friend for lunch. The word on the street was right. This lady was wearing a t-shirt with my favourite Oscar Wilde quote ‘ Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go’ and I’m going to invite her to join the collective at It’s good to mock. I was driving home from lunch when the car got sick. I know as much about cars as I do about Germanio ovens so I got hold of a local mechanic but he hadn’t a clue what he was doing. I took a photo of the car and sent it to Thirsty Dave in the hope that he might see what was wrong. He was quick to respond but he wasn’t much help either:


To be cont.…


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