Sunday, May 1, 2011

If you tell me not to do something, chances are I’m going to go ahead and do it straight away for this is the way of the child

We went to visit Jill Y’s grandfather. The visit didn’t last too long and I’m told it was all my fault. A mocker like me, tends to say things to people off the cuff. If you haven’t an open minded sense of humour with a deep rooted hatred of Bon Jovi and a fear of nuns, well then you’re not me. Like your first ever pint of Guinness, I can be a bit of an acquired taste. So there we were on our way to visit Jill Y’s grandfather and I was under strict orders to talk about anything except the MTV Video Music Awards as the mere mention of them, send him into a rage. We got out of the car and he was waiting to greet us. I immediately asked him if had seen the MTV Video Music Awards and we had to get straight back in the car and drive home:



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