Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Words are the glue which bonds stuff together

Words are great. We use them to express things and stuff. If it wasn’t for words, we would only have actions and despite what you may have heard, actions don’t speak louder than words. They may resonate for a while but words are definitely great for describing things and stuff which brings us to our problem – we don’t know many words. Because of this, we have to re-use the same words again and again and again and again and stuff. Somebody suggested that we should read more and that this will help us learn more words. The only problem with that is that we don’t know many words so we don’t know what we’re reading. It’s like a vicious circle which leads us back to the same things again and again and again and again and stuff . Thirsty Dave knows a band who’ve had a lot of artistic differences lately and have grown apart. Like us, they didn’t know many words and as such, couldn’t express things and stuff but they found a way to patch up their differences and become closer:



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