Thursday, August 11, 2011

Is eating hands good for your eyesight?

We don’t usually lose or suck at anything at It’s good to mock, preferring to rewrite the rules of the game until they suit our purpose, than hold our hands up and admit defeat. Today, that ideology totally went out the window and we doubt if it will ever return. Thirsty Dave, a non philosophical, non sober and non coherent man, once said something interesting. I wasn’t there to hear it myself but legend has it that he used words that day that were understandable to more that one person. There are no words to explain how massively confused we are today and we doubt if even the highly advanced mind of Paris Hilton could get her head around our dilemma. Have you ever looked at two pictures that you know are different and just couldn’t figure out how they were different? If so, you’re not even close to losing the amount of sleep we have lost over this. In the following picture, we know one is a hand and the other is a carrot but which is which?:



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