Sunday, August 28, 2011

It’s better to have loved and lost.

Jill Y and I love each other as much as the country of Cuba loves free speech. We have lots of things in common. I ask her things and she answers me and she asks me things and I answer her. I asked her why she bought 6,200 pairs of shoes and she told me, it was because she has 6,200 pairs of feet. That was such an unfair answer to give because she know I just don’t understand Maths. She asked me why I don’t like the music of Bon Jovi and I told her it’s because I like good music. We have lots of arguments where she refuses to speak to me for ages. I call these ‘holidays’. Despite what our friends might say, we have a sense of humour and this usually helps us look to the future with hope but if there’s one thing we agree on, it’s the past:



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