Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Scurvy Jane makes it rain, where there is no rain

In a move as unlikely as a Bon Jovi song with any semblance of originality or interest, Scurvy Jane recently became the proud owner of a new job and by ‘proud’ I’m being massively sarcastic and by ‘job’ I mean she’s doing what she’s told to do, in return for an amount of money that’s = (a sum of money) – (most of that sum of money). I know a job is a job these days and she should be happy that someone, somewhere is somehow confused enough to thinks she’s employable but it is soul destroying work. She gets to walk around a bar all night and drench people with water. The majority of these people aren’t even remotely happy about the sudden, showery onslaught. Most peoples reactions involve a serious amount of rage and disbelief. The scurvy one then draws their attention to one of the many signs, plastered around the joint:



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