Wednesday, July 6, 2011

This story is as real as the psychic properties of toothpaste

Today’s tale, although not real, is an inspirational one. Jim doesn’t exist but if you can pretend that you just don’t know that, this will go a whole lot smoother. Like a lot of real people in these economically challenging times, Jim lost his job. Because he wasn’t real, he found it hard to find work because most employers were looking for real people to fill the few positions that were available. Soon after, his life began to lose direction and his confidence slowly disappeared but things could have been worse had he been real. He was faced with a dilemma and thought about stuff. Rather than spend his time drinking with Thirsty Dave who is real, he knocked on the doors of the  local shops and asked the real people if he could clean their windows for free. In return he asked to leave a note. When you see the note, you’re probably going to be tempted to call him and offer him some work, just remember that he doesn’t exist:



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