Sunday, November 15, 2009

You can make a difference

Question, questions and more questions. When you know as little as I do, you tend to ask quite a lot of questions out of necessity. Someone who is probably well known may well have once said, “the question is more important than the answer”. If that’s the case, I have a question – What exactly does that mean? Of the many questions I ask, there is one which scares the bejaysus outta me. It’s a question which I know the answer to yet I ask it constantly in the hope that the answer will be “no”, The question:

Bon Jovi – Do they exist?

I’ve been asking this question for a number of years now and the answer has always been, “Yes”. If you or your friends know how the answer to the question can be changed to “No”, please call the confidential toll free number: 1-800 - makebonjovigoaway which guarantees anonymity. You’ll be doing the public a service and will feel good inside because you’ve helped society. You can make a difference. Bill Y


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