Monday, November 23, 2009

I learned two things today.

As someone who is incapable of learning a lot, I learned two things today:

1) The grown ups in charge of football (FIFA) are to hold an extraordinary meeting where they are going to hook the lying, cheating, dog, aka Thierry Henry up to a polygraph lie detector thingy and ask him a single question: Are you a lying, cheating, dog? If he answers No, we’ll know that he’s lying. If he answers Yes, it’ll be the first honest thing he’s said all week.

2) The second thing I learned today really scared the bejaysus outta me. One of my favourite songs is Snow Patrol’s ‘Set the fire to the third bar’ and features the very amazing Martha Wainwright on vocals. A friend sent me a link to a clip of the band playing a couple of songs for Children in Need, over the weekend. When I realised someone called Cheryl Cole was going to be guest vocalist, I felt ill. My plan was to watch the other track they played and not watch Cheryl Cole butcher a great song. However, curiosity wrestled me to the ground and in the end I submitted and watched the clip. To my total surprise, she was really good and done wonders for the song.

I’m going to break up with my dislike of Cheryl Cole and be more open minded to mediocre pop singer people. This learning experience has taught me that just because singers may mass produce, mundane, mediocre nonsense for the masses, doesn’t necessarily mean they do not possess talent. Some of you may think I speak manure. Those who know me, will tell you that I may well have just taken the first step to growing up! Here’s the clip. Enjoy. Bill Y


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