Friday, November 20, 2009

Compensation for the Nation?

Ireland: The green part hates Thierry Henry.

I’m going to seek legal advice. The lying, cheating, dog, aka Thierry Henry, aka Le Hand of Frog, has been occupying all my thoughts for the last number of days. If it wasn’t for him, my head would of had lots of different thoughts. I haven’t one ounce of evilness or nastiness in my body but over the last number of day’s I’ve been having thoughts full of hatred and bitterness. I’m going to claim compensation for loss of happy thoughts because I do my best work with happy thoughts and because of the lying, cheating, dog, I haven’t been doing my best work. I’m going to hire that very famous Law Firm - Huey & Dewey and Louie. I know they’re a trio of fictional ducks and are Donald Duck's nephews but what people don’t know is that these ducks were instrumental in helping Erin Brockovich sue the Pacific Gas & Electric Company of California in 1996 for $333m. Trust me when I say, those ducks are sharks!

If I do win the case, I reckon the rest of Ireland may file lawsuits against the lying, cheating, dog. Instead of screaming abuse at those poxy politicians who’ve brought our country to it’s knees, we’ve all been focusing on Le Waste of Space that he truly is. Again, he’s been occupying our thoughts too much and we need to be compensated. When I speak to Huey & Dewey and Louie, I’ll let you know how we stand. Bill Y


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