Sunday, November 1, 2009

Loose Women spending loosely makes Bill Y lose the plot.

Recently we mocked the Loose Women show where we noted that in our humble opinion, the programme was patronising to women of a certain age. A number of ladies have been in contact to say that they love the show. In response to those responses, Bill Y says:

“I know you love the show but that doesn’t make it any less patronising, you pack of Mills & Boon readers ”

Today Bill Y draws your attention to another phenomenon which targets the very same Loose Women audience. In the picturesque town where I live, there are two shops a couple of feet from each other where you can buy bed clothes, linen and curtains, etc. These shops are constantly packed with the ‘Loose Women’ crowd who cannot stop spending money there. Surely there are only so many beds to make and windows to cover, which poses the question:

Why the bejaysus are people of a certain age obsessed with shops that sell bed clothes, linen and curtains, etc? The first 10 answers received, win my respect.


Enough said. Bill Y


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