Saturday, November 28, 2009

Stuck in the middle of a decision.

Today I faced a dilemma. It wasn't a dilemma of mass proportions. It wasn't a dilemma that was going to cause any harm to the world but it was something which caused me a degree of distress. There I was on my way to work, waiting for the bus as I normally do. The bus wasn’t in any particular hurry but I was and I didn't know if I should wait at that bus stop or walk to the next one which would get me nearer to my destination and within walking distance of where I needed to be. I eventually decided to walk to the next stop and the inevitable happened. I was halfway between two stops when I seen the bus race towards me rapidly. What was I to do? Should I head back to the initial stop or run to the next one? The empty space between my head couldn't figure out if I was closer to the last stop or the next one. I was aware that time was against me and that I had to make my decision hastily but was massively confused. I'm usually good under pressure but this situation was getting more out of control by the second. Was I to:

a) Go ahead to the next stop
b) Turn around and go back to the first stop

Little did I realise, the answer was:

c) neither of the above - put your hand out and get a taxi

It was a loaded situation. It didn’t matter if I went forwards or backwards, I was going to miss the bus anyway. Bill Y 's Law states:

As the world hates you, you're always going to make the wrong decision so ignore the choices and invent a new way around the problem or else you’re as lost as the sky is high”.

Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s cool to have a Law named after you ‘cause it’s not! Bill Y


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