Thursday, November 19, 2009

Animal of the day: Thierry Henry

I have an idea for a new feature : Animal of the day. Each day an animal is placed on the blog and I say words about said animal. We start with: Thierry Henry. I googled the word ‘Animal’ and the first thing I was presented with was: a living organism characterized by voluntary movement. By this definition, Henry is less than an animal because he claims it was an involuntary movement. Henry’s so called 'involuntary movement' was to handle the ball twice in the box, before Gallas scored the goal to deny Ireland the chance of reaching the World Cup Finals. The lying, cheating, dog. If I was the Google boss, I would make Thierry Henry’s name appear when a user entered the words ‘lying, cheating, dog’ into the search field. Fair is fair. (which is a concept FIFA don’t seem to grasp at all) Believe me when I say, I’d rather write about things I find interesting and mockable than the lying, cheating, dog. Kate Nash has a song called Dickhead. It’s a class tune and could of been written for the lying, cheating dog. Bill Y


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