Thursday, November 26, 2009

Massively confusing error messages Part 2

Yesterday, I was telling you about the very unusual, specific Windows error messages I’ve been getting. The messages are personal and seem to be picking on me. Without going into a massively long story, I obtained a copy of an expensive program without using money. No sooner had I started the program, when the following flashed up on my screen:

I started to panic and attempted to purchase the program but as you can see form the message, the ‘Purchase’ option wasn’t highlighted. I pressed it a few times anyway, hoping it would work and next of all, this one appeared:

I wanted to apologise but the message wouldn’t let me choose that option and I began to sweat. I just wanted to be left alone. A couple of seconds later, I get this one:

I wanted to send a cheque but the message didn’t give me that option. At this stage I didn’t know what to do so I just turned the computer off. This is the first time I’ve turned it on since then and I am bricking it.
Bill Y


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