Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Error message! That ain't an error message. This is an error message.

I’m a non violent person who is ready to go to war. I appreciate a joke as much as the next person (when you’re me, you have to) but things are getting fairly out of hand and my confidence is starting to suffer. This is going to sound a bit strange but my computer is starting to communicate with me through error messages. I'm not talking about your basic 'internet explorer has encountered an error and needs to close' error. Very unusual, specific error messages have started appearing. I was sending an email last night and was mocking Bill Gates. All of a sudden, the following message appeared:

It didn't end.
Later that night, I was watching some grown ups celebrating their lust for each other and I was presented with this one:

By now I was starting to worry. I began to think about security and privacy and within seconds, the next one appeared:

That message was just weird but what really scared the bejaysus outta me was that I was actually considering buying a Mac a few moments before the message appeared. I know it's hard to believe all this and this is why I copied the messages. I also hear strange voices in my head but that's a story for another day! Bill Y


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