Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I have no sense of humour

Work has kidnapped my sense of humour and refuses to give it back. I figured out that work was the kidnapper because before I went to work I had my sense of humour. I then went to work and I no longer had it. Conclusion – work has kidnapped my sense of humour. I confronted work with these findings and it acted all innocent and offended at the accusation but I know who the guilty party is. Work is clever in that it didn’t steal it in one obvious swift movement. It slowly chipped away at it and gave me money once a month to massively confuse me and conceal it’s actions. It’s only now that my sense of humour is totally gone, that I’m missing it. I spoke to a number of people at work today who are all missing their sense of humour and that has to be more than just a coincidence. Work is the culprit and I intend to prove it. If your sense of humour has disappeared and you think work has stolen it, let me know at


Bill Y


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