Saturday, November 7, 2009

To Beat it or not to Beat It? That is the question.

Some things in life are just too easy. This isn’t. As I begin the long journey towards growing up, I’m going to attempt to go against everything that I stand for. The following post mentions Michael Jackson (a very mockable subject) but I am going to refrain from mocking! I know, at first it may appear like this is way above me but I’m determined to succeed, so here goes nothing:

The other day I came across an unsigned band called Pomplamoose, covering Michael Jacksons 'Beat It'. I’ve never really listened to the lyrics of the song before now and was massively impressed when I heard them. I think you’ll either like these guys or you won't as the singer has a very distinctive voice.

NB: Right now, I’m experiencing deep feelings of shame because I did not mock when the opportunity presented itself. It’s something I will have to learn to live with. It probably means double mocking in the next post. For now, enjoy the clip. Bill Y


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