Friday, November 13, 2009

For arguments sake, let's say the blog posts are funny.

Lately I’ve been having thoughts about It’s good to mock. The idea behind the blog is simple. It’s a vehicle to mock people, places, things/non things, etc. It’s also used to waffle about random stuff. If there is one rule, it’s that the content must be light hearted and not serious. There’s far to much seriousness in the world today. You only have to realise that the world economy is tracking or doing worse than during the Great Depression (note to self – why the bejaysus would you put the words ‘Great’ and ‘Depression' side by side?) to get greatly depressed. The main objective is to have Mocking recognised as an Olympic sport.

Some people think they are funny. I think I am funny. Whether I am funny or not is immaterial. Whether the words I post on the blog are funny is what’s important. For arguments sake, let's say the blog posts are funny. Job done – or is it? My massive problem then becomes the fact that most people’s idea of what’s funny differs from what I perceive as funny. All of a sudden, I’m writing for a niche audience and this changes the goalposts somewhat. To reach my main objective and have Mocking recognised as an Olympic sport, I need my words to reach the masses. Kids need to be taught Mocking from an early school going age. Only then will it trickle through to mainstream society and be accepted as an antidote for the seriousness of the world.

Another issue which arises is that humour is subjective. If I tell a story about a guy (lets call him Popeye Jones) who slipped on an ice pop, and ended up on his ass, some might find it funny. However, if I tell you that Popeye Jones ended up with a concussion, fear of ice pops and now can’t shop in the frozen food section of Tesco – would it still be funny? Well it wouldn’t be if you’re Popeye Jones or if you’ve had a similar experience with ice pops or concussion or Tesco’s!

When I first set the blog up all those 16 weeks ago, I chose a title that I could easily change. If needs be, I can write about music which is probably what I should be doing anyway and it wouldn’t take much to change the name of the blog to It’s good to rock! Bill Y


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