Saturday, November 14, 2009

Are we all not animals?

The other day I was referred to as ‘an animal’ and unfairly so. This is not the time or place for that particular story, suffice to say if you do not ask, you won’t receive and whatnot. You may end up with a slap in the face but life is for living. Now I’m not sure about you but when someone calls me an animal, I want to know which particular animal they have in mind. Animal, is such a vague term.

Was she referring to me as a Snake or perhaps a Pig? Maybe she meant a Cow or Baboon? Could she have meant a Rat or an Ass? In my head, I thought it was a good time to play a game where I call out an animal and she tells me if I’ve guessed the correct animal. She seemed more preoccupied with screaming abuse at me than playing the game so I didn’t push it. I decided to cut my losses and went out to hunt with the rest of the pack! Bill Y


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