Tuesday, October 25, 2011

This could be the most important email you’ll ever ignore

To the casual depressive, it may appear that Jill Y and I have it all sorted out and we do. That's not to say that we're anywhere close to perfect. I sometimes forget to buy coffee and she sometimes forgets to remind me that I sometimes forget to buy coffee. Every couple of days, we get one of those emails forward this email to 10 people and it will make the so called music of Bon Jovi go away. We usually delete them straight away but I remember the day I met Jill Y for the first time because that was the day all the misery in my life went away. The day before I met her, I received one of those emails and for the laugh, I actually forwarded it on to 10 people. It totally changed my life. Maybe, just maybe, it might do the same for you:



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