Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It’s Good to Mock presents–The Evolution of Mankind

Of all the stupid things that we constantly go on about, it’s hard to choose our favourite. When you have such a vast back catalogue of good for nothing nonsense, you’re spoiled for choice. The time we proved that the earth was round is one of my particular highlights. Scurvy Jane has fond memories of the time she was laughed at for suggesting that we all need food for energy. We all know who had the last laugh with that one. Sugartastic Daddy John always speaks of the time he dropped Thirsty Dave at the pub and charged him for it. These days, you can jump into plenty of cars and pay the driver to take you to your destination. As we’re a forward thinking collective, we don’t believe in resting on our laurels so we’re going to share something with you which is probably going to be hard to believe. All we ask is that you take our track record into consideration and dismiss it without giving it much thought. The more people who tell us we’re wrong, the more we’ll know we’re right for this is the way of the stubborn Mocker. Before we totally forget what we’re supposed to be talking about, please allow us to tell you that mankind evolved from plants:



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