Friday, October 28, 2011

No shoes in good news

There comes a time in every mans life when he has to stand up for himself, put his foot down and beg the lady in his life to stop buying shoes. Our new house has so many shoes that it resembles a new shoe warehouse full of new shoes. The thing that really confuses me to the max is that there are now 7,335 shoes co-existing with us in the (ware) house. Now I'm in no way qualified to understand maths but I'm fairly sure that Jill Y has two feet. If we take an estimate of one shoe per foot or two shoe's per pair of feet, there's always going to be one shoe too many. To double check this, I double checked it and got the same answer. I then went and studied for a few hours and it turns out that I'm right for a change. Because 7,335 is an uneven number and Jill was has an even amount of feet, there is always going to be one shoe too many. Because money's too tight to even think of mentioning, we sat down and had a heart to heart and she eventually promised to stop spending our credit on shoes. Now instead of buying shoes she buys cardboard boxes. They're so much cheaper than shoes and she seems happy enough with the arrangement:



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