Monday, October 24, 2011

The best toys are hard to find

Argument no. 887 - Little Dill Y figured out how magnets worked so I thought I would get him a present. Jill Y thought it was a stupid present. I thought it was a brilliant present as did Little Dill Y. In the normal course of events when Jill Y is wrong about something and everyone else is right about something, Jill Y is somehow still right about the thing. I'll never quite understand how that happens but it does happen and it happens all the time. Back to the present and the present - The little guy brings his new toy everywhere. The last time we were on a plane, he walked straight through security with it and nobody even batted an eyelid. It's such a cool toy, I wish I had one when I was littler. All I had when I was growing up was an imaginary friend but she doesn't like me talking about her so I'm not going to. The toy is called 'Invisible Jim' and he has realistic fake hair, a gripping hand and his mission is to save the world. Jill Y thinks it's a stupid present but that's because she can never find it when she wants to play with it:  



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