Monday, October 3, 2011

Thirsty Dave and his preferred way of travelling

Transport – It’s kind of like a way to get to places. When we travel to Mocking Conventions, we meet like minded people and we all have our preferred way of travelling. Jill Y prefers the time machine because she can travel both backwards and forwards in time. Sugartastic Daddy John likes to drive in his purple 70’s Cadillac as it makes him look conspicuous. Scurvy Jane is a lady of the people and likes to take the bus so she can chat away about everything under the sun. If talking was an Olympic sport, her tongue would be a gold medal. I tend to use the cheapest option as I have as much money as sense and I don’t have any sense at all. Thirsty Dave has his own individual way of travelling and swears by the Kegway:



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