Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Thirsty Dave describes what happened in his own words

I taught myself everything I know. That’s probably why I know so little. I taught Thirsty Dave that he should never turn down a job because money is money and these days it’s harder to make money than it is to make believe that Bon Jovi make music that is in any way musical. The thirsty one was offered a job by one of those local newspapers that cover local stories in localities. The job didn’t exactly require a great deal of ability. He had to attend local events like christenings, weddings, charity events and take some pictures for the paper. The first day went well and he took the pictures and some short details of the events. He then showed us a first draft of his first day’s work and I got the distinct impression that he hadn’t really got his heart in it. For a man who can order a beer in 6909 languages, he certainly wasn’t very descriptive with his words:



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