Thursday, February 24, 2011

Vroom vroom

One of the earliest memories I have is when I was a very little mocker, being pushed up and down in a pram with someone making the sound of a car as I went back and forth. The car sound is something that I really focussed in on and as far as my little self was concerned, I was in a real car. Of course I was too young to understand what a car was but I was massively amused nonetheless. Mr. & Mrs. Y are pretty cool grown ups. They brought me up to appreciate the simple things in life like quantum physics, epistemology and women. In times of solitude when I try to figure out why anyone would believe in a religion, I can almost hear the sound of the car from my early years in the pram. Recently my mother showed me a picture of it and guess what? It actually had a certain automotive quality to it:

Bill Y


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