Monday, December 21, 2009

Rage Against The Machine, The Cowell and The Minority

For the first time in a long time, I slept like a baby last night. The world was a place I was happy to be in and it was all thanks to Rage Against The Machine. Defeating Simon Cowell was not just defeating the tacky conveyor belt music machine known as the X Factor. It was a rally call where the voice of the few banded together to overcome the voice of the mundane majority. For good measure, we get to hear musicians at the very top of their game play an amazing song. RATM don’t use loops and samples to make their music like so many of today’s so called Musicians do. When you see these guys play live, you ‘see’ them play live and what you see is what you hear. There’s a certain purity in their music, so missing in most music today. Although it’s possible to study how Tom Morello sounds like he has four hands when he plays guitar, it’s best not to. Instead, just listen and enjoy his brilliant technique. So tonight, I will sleep like a baby again but not before I start my Facebook campaign to rid the world of Bon Jovi. RATM, you’re a band with a social conscience and I need your help! Bill Y


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