Sunday, December 20, 2009

Rage against the Cowell

When the world hates you, you expect the worse to happen. When it constantly happens, your sense of humour buys a one way ticket to Tajikistan and vows never to return. Next, the voices in your head start to make the major decisions – Tayto or King, Ketchup or Mayo, expressions of hatred for Bon Jovi in Letter or Email form. Yesterday was a day like all others. I woke full of despair about the future of society and went back to sleep the same way. Today however, I am overjoyed. Today, the sun shines it’s rays on the darkness of hope. News from overseas has arrived which filled me with what I’m led to believe is called ‘Joy’. The news was in the form of a headline in a newspaper. The headline exclaimed:

Rage Against The Machine has beaten 'X Factor' winner Joe McElderry to the UK Christmas Number One spot with its 1993 song 'Killing In The Name’.

Take a look at what happiness is all about:

Bill Y


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