Sunday, December 6, 2009

The motto says a lotto


There’s been something bothering us lately at Its good to mock HQ. Our motto is To mock the bejaysus out of everything that moves. Lately we’ve been thinking that there are certain things that don’t actually move and we really should be mocking these too. With that in mind we put our creative hats on and left out the “that moves” bit at the end. We were then left with To mock the bejaysus out of everything. That should of been the end of it but we were aware that we may have caused offence in the past so we put our hats back on and came up with To mock the bejaysus out of everything without offending. I know, it’s real Little House on the Prairie stuff but Laura Ingalls would be impressed. (if you’re not sure who Laura is, do the Google thing) Now that that’s out if the way, we turn to today’s mock.

Have you ever ended up on a blog only to be greeted with the blogger apologising for not having updated the site in a while? You have? Well you wouldn’t be the first and most likely won’t be the last. There is NO (note the capital letters) reason not to update your blog. You could be off doing charity work in a country that has poor internet access. Maybe you were visiting your great great grandmother with the beard who’s on her sickbed. Perhaps you’ve found yourself liking sheep more than the next person. As the big letters of a few sentences ago mention, there is NO excuse not to update your blog. If you’re going to be busy, future date your posts. Build up a number of posts in advance and schedule them to publish at whatever intervals are necessary. If I was to make excuses for not blogging, I would probably go for something like:

  • Sorry I haven’t posted for a while. The itch has spread to my man bits and I had to see a specialist.
  • Apologies for not updating the blog for the last couple of weeks.  You won’t believe what happened. Someone ran off with my fingers. I turned away for one moment and then they were gone. You just can’t trust anyone these days. I’ve had to use my neighbours fingers to type these words.
  • I haven’t written a post here since last month because I’ve been busy with the police. I told the them it wasn’t me but just someone that happened to look like me. Then they went on about fingerprints, eye witnesses and lie detector tests. It was kind of hard to convince them after that.
  • It’s been 16 days since my last post. I’ve been to Munich, Germany and experienced Oktoberfest. Now I know what a real hangover is all about.
  • The sky fell down and it took me ages to put it back up.

       Bill Y


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