Thursday, December 3, 2009

Please allow me to spell it out for you

Most people are good at something and one day I’ll probably figure out if I’m good at something too. I wish I was better at those word games where you rearrange the letters of one word to make another. For example, the 7 letter word ramanag gives you anagram. It only took me an hour to get that one and my confidence began to get confident. I then worked on a 9 letter word which took a little longer. The word was republish and the answer was publisher. I was beginning to think I knew everything at this stage and I decided to try my hand at multiple words. Little did I realise that this one was going to take two full days, The words were A Cad Eighteenth Girly Gory Shiny In and the answer was Thierry Henry is a lying cheating Dog. Bill Y


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