Thursday, December 31, 2009

Coming Soon – The Super Mocker

It’s New Years Eve at ITGM HQ and indeed, lots of other places too. We began mocking on the 16/07/09 (or 07/16/09 to our friends who use the mm/dd/yy format) so we can’t exactly recap the last 12 months for the simple fact that we’re not 12 months old yet. We can however, look forward to the upcoming year and let you know that we have plans and that those plans are big. It’s all about evolving and evolve we shall. Next year will witness a new breed of Super Mocker and for this, we are excited. A lot of self criticism goes on at the HQ and because we’re essentially nice people, we feel our niceness has prevented us form tapping into and realising our full Mocking potential. Jill Y explain:

“Our niceness has prevented us form tapping into and realising our full Mocking potential.”

Eh, thanks for that Jill Y. Thanks for repeating, word for word, what I just said. You’re a legend! Anyway, the niceness is going to fade away and in it’s place, a newer, Super Mocker will arise. This Super Mocker will take things to a new level. At present, we offend very few people and that’s a conscious decision we made from the offset. The Super Mocker will only be happy when massive offence is taken. It should be interesting to see what happens. We’re about to start the New Year celebrations. Before we do, here’s a picture of the letter M
From all at IGTM HQ, we wish you a happy New Years Eve. Thanks to all who dropped by to play with us and leave comments and we’ll be back tomorrow for more.
Bill Y


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