Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Scurvy Jane is one vitamin C deficient lady who is not afraid to tell you that your ugly baby is ugly

Sugartastic Daddy John is the one who puts us in our place when we step out of line. Thirsty Dave's brother and his girlfriend had a new baby the other day and we went to visit the new-born child in hospital. Scurvy Jane's tongue always speaks before her brain has a chance to stop her and as soon as we set eyes on the baby, she decided to say that he was an ugly little thing. We were so embarrassed and didn't know where to look. I half said something that was half funny and changed the topic of conversation to the more light hearted subject of Paris Hilton’s superior intelligence. Sugartastic Daddy John called Scurvy Jane outside, had a few choice words with her told her she was going straight back in to apologise for what she said. The scurvy one is as stubborn as a stubborn mule and although she refused to say she was sorry, she did write a note on one of the pictures we took:



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