Friday, June 17, 2011

I didn't just wake up one night and decide to be brilliant. In my previous life, I was Albert Einstein's abacus

Even the brilliant sometimes have doubts. We sometimes wonder if we’re bringing up Little Dill Y properly. Because he’s a 5 year old genius, we teach him about the important things in life like quantum physics, climate change and Bon Jovi hatred. He’s really into writing at the moment and is writing 4 books. I’m not allowed to read them until they’re finished but he did tell me the titles of them: How not to know nothing about nothing, Man finds God and loses him again, A man laughed at a man crying at a man and last but by no means least, I like chips. It’s hard to know if we’re good parents although we recently went to visit Scurvy Jane’s, sister’s kid and compared to her parenting skills, I think we’re doing okay:



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