Saturday, April 23, 2011

That single moment when you realise the truth

Allow us to aploogise in advance because there is nothing funny about this story at all. If you’ve come here looking for amusement, please divert your eyes right now. Little Willy Waldron was like all kids and had dreams, ambitions and aspirations but his vision didn’t end there. One Thursday afternoon, as he ran home from school, he wanted nothing more than a big slice of cake. As he reached his house, his tongue was hanging out like a kid who wants nothing but cake. Little did he know that his dream was just about to be shattered.

His eye’s undressed the contents of the fridge, faster than a speeding penguin from Super Mario Galaxy but however hard he looked, he could find everything in the fridge - everything except cake! The realization then slowly dawned on him that this world is sometimes a cruel, cruel place to live. That moment was a defining moment in the young boys life, a life that would never be the same again:



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