Saturday, April 2, 2011

It’s good to mock–Educating tomorrows Mockers, today.

We like to think we’re a helpful collective at It's good to mock. Apart from taking pleasure in the inevitable moment when Bon Jovi will stop producing what they call music, our favorite thing is helping other people with other things. Dagmara is Thirsty Dave's 56th wife and she recently became a student of Mocking. I've taken her under my wing and decided to tutor her myself. If you think this job is easy, you're very much mistaken. Contrary to what some people believe, professional Mocking is not about being vulgar, rude or malicious. A skilled Mocker needs to understand that the tools of the trade are originality, a deep rooted hatred of Bon Jovi and the ability to see the humour in the mundane. When this is mastered, there’s an artistic process that needs to be applied before an end product can be produced. Dagmara is a lady who has the foulest of mouths and she thought she could just string a succession of swear words together and somehow morph into a Mocker par excellence. I immediately gave her some soap to wash her mouth out with and some reading material to digest:



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